What does a Geocache Look Like ?

Pronunciation: GEE-oh-CASH-ing

me caching
Me in the desert finding geocaches, GPS in hand. That was so fun !!!

Geocaching is the worlds largest scavenger hunt game !

It’s just way more high tech than the game you played when you were a kid.

Military grade GPS tracking in the hands of you and me. That’s adventure !

There are more than 2 million geocaches hidden all over the world in urban areas, city parks and on trails. I bet there is one near you right now. And if you live near me in Williamson or across the Tug River in Kentucky, I have hidden 500 or so of them in Mingo and Pike Counties so all you need to do is get outside to find your first one.



Geocaches are found using a GPS or Smartphone. The descriptions and clues that are listed on the official geocaching website. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up and become a member. You can download the app for an iphone or other GPS equipped smart phone or device.

The GPS will get you to the general area where the treasure has been placed. Then you will need to use your brain to figure out where it is. GPS will get you to within what I like to say is 20 feet or so from it and then its time to “find” it. Usually the cache descriptions will include clues for those who need it.

What Does the Geocache Box Look Like ? 

Typically a geocache container is a waterproof box that can be well hidden. A lot of people use Tupperware containers, film cans, altoid tins (yuck) or for really good caches you may find a camouflaged ammo can.

What is inside the Geocache Container ? 

Once you find the location of the geocache and then uncover where it is hidden you will want to have something to write with. Inside every geocache is a slip of paper or a logbook of some type that you can sign your name on. It is proof to the future visitors that you were there. You place the container back like you found it and leave it there. You do NOT take the container or the logbook with you. You need to place it back hidden as it was so that the next person can make the same discovery.

house coin
A special geocaching coin I had made of me with the Hatfields and McCoys for my Geocaching series based around the locations of the Historic Hatfield McCoy Fued.

Then you log the find on the geocaching.com website or on your smartphone app to show the person that placed the cache that you found it. You will include a small message when you log your find that the placer of the cache (CO) will get by email. It is a sort of thank you letter for the 21st century.

Sometimes when you find a geocache it has a treasure inside. Those are really fun. You can discover a Groundspeak Travel Bug or Geocoin inside as well. Those are items that move from one cache to the next by players who log the location of the trackable as they take them to the next cache. The owner of the trackable will then have a way to see where the items goes to on its journey. How fun ! See…told you it was a high tech scavenger hunt game 🙂

You can carry with you some small items to trade in the treasure box. Maybe go to the dollar store or use up some of your kids old legos or cracker jack sort of prizes as trade items. Whatever you pick, try to think of something that sets you apart. Pick something that the next person will find fun. Always leave something if you take something. That way, everyone has something to find.



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wendy profile state map
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Now get out there and find your first cache !!! Have any questions ? Just ask and I will try to help you start your geocaching adventure….