The House GeoArt


The New House GeoArt is meant to be fun ! With 150 Geocaches placed to replicate the shape of a House, you will find something for everyone in the family. Creative hides, beautiful mountain hikes, fast park & grabs that are so clever you won’t even know it was a fast park and grab. a Wherigo, a couple of Letterbox Stamp caches , an Earthcache, an Amazing Travelbug “Inn”, a Locks of Love cache , a passport puzzle cache and enough difficulty and terrain combinations in the area to make a dent in your fizzy challenge grid.

You will come for the geocaches but stay for the history. Mingo County is home to the Hatfield McCoy Feud and the House GeoArt is owned by Wendy, The GGG Granddaughter of Preacher Anderson Hatfield & Aunt Betty McCoy.

Oh, and don’t forget that if you are into geo-art, have you seen the little Piggy nearby ? He is 125 caches on what can only be called a power run for those of you who like fun, fast numbers this little guy, is a must have on your map !

With the Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail GC3QEQH,The Pig Trial Geo-Art GC44GQH, the new River of Blood Kayak Caches GC5FA56and now the HMHG GeoArt House GeoTrail (GC5BF5Q), Let’s Just say We pride ourselves on saying we are a “Total Geocaching Destination” !

All the locations have parking spots near them and when you do the Mountain Series please know that I did them several times in Piglet (my tiny little car) so on a normal dry day I would be willing to say that pretty much any automobile can drive to all of the mountain caches. This mountain is beautiful and peaceful and you are sure to run into other people while there who are just out for a drive, riding a 4×4 or just enjoying hunting or camping on what is a beautiful example of reclaimed land from mountaintop removal in the area.

The series of caches from HMHG 013 – HMHG 022 are meant to be a hike trail and NOT done in a vehicle. There is a gate at the first cache that is open most of the time. They shut that gate at random times and it is possible to get locked in the area and not be able to get back out if you drive it. Please respect the area and do this series of 10 caches as a hike. It’s on a beautiful walk that you will enjoy and this road is NOT appropriate for automobiles of any kind, including Jeeps !


The Locks of Love cache is fun and will become more and more fun as passersby and cachers place locks on the fence over time. The story is that Roseanna McCoy and Johnse Hatfield were divided by the River of Blood that lie between them and the bitter battle between their families kept them apart. Since that time lovers have stood on the bridge and vowed their forever love for one another and symbolized that by placing a lock on the fence to never be opened again. Please bring a lock of some type with you when doing the GeoTour to leave behind on the fence. This cache is placed with the permission of the City of Williamson. Please only place your lock on the fence. Not the bridge.