DIY Snowman Lamps

The original lamp Michelle found on Pinterest that she loved. It cost $70.00.



This is the one I made for about $9.00


The Snowman Plan

In 2015 I had a new sister-in-law. She collects snowmen. One morning I was hard at work doing my normal daily tasks when my phone beeped and I stopped to see what she had to say next 🙂

My Sister-In-Law & I at Christmas 2015

I never know what the text will be when I get it but I always know it is probably going to make me laugh out into the room.

But this time it was a photo of this cute little lamp that she found on Pinterest for sale. It was a snowman. Her caption was something simple like “Oh My Gosh, Look how cute this lamp is”.

Three hours later I sent her back this photo and a note telling her that I made it for her.

Yes ! I made it ! And today I am going to finally, a year later, finish one for myself. So I thought I would share with you the process that I created to reproduce this little guy.

The Supplies

I went to WalMart and found these two base lamps that were at the time only about $5.00
each. The shades were an additional purchase but were only $3.00 each. So for $8.00 I had a full lamp. No, it didn’t look anything like a snowman but I had a plan.

lamp bases


We had just moved into a new little house and I had a bucket of drywall mud with a lot left in it. In my head, the second I saw her version of the snowman lamp I thought it looked like drywall mud. So My first step was to take the WalMart bags that I got when I purchased the two lamps and wad them up and wrap the base of the two lamps entirely with the newspaper and walmart bags. I used duct tape (good ole duct tape) to cover the bags and newspapers and I just built the base of the snowman body up on the two lamp bases.

I wanted it to have a head and a fat little bottom so I just kept wrapping the lamp base until I had what looked like the shape of a snowman. Once I had the shape, I just used my hand and dug into the drywall mud and slapped the mud onto the base of the lamps to create a texture that I liked.

41TsJT3DscL._AC_AC_SR98,95_This is a link on Amazon to purchase a bucket of the drywall mud that I used to make the Snowman Body of the Lamp. If you are going to order it online be sure to click on this link so it helps to support this website 🙂

While the snowman was still wet I poked little holes into the side of him and stuck in two coat racks that I twisted together to make little wire arms. Then I sat the whole thing aside to dry a few hours in the sun outside.

The Lamp Shade

12279178_10208003166457795_3367774313287991376_nWhile the base of the snowman was drying I started working on the lamp shade. I didn’t have the exact same snowman stamps as was on the original shade but I had a set of stamps in my scrapbooking room that had these cute little snowflakes and snowmen on them. I settled on them and because I wanted the lamp to feel country and crafty and look sorta sweet I didn’t mind if the stamps didn’t come out perfect. I liked the look of how they turned out if I pressed them into the white paint and then held my hand behind the inside of the lamp shade and just pressed into the shade and some of the paint stuck and some of it didn’t. You can see what I mean on the photo of the shade.

Then I poked holes into the shade around the top and bottom and used an embroidery needle to stitch around the edge of the shade. I put a little dab of glue at the start and finish of the stitching to hold it in place. I think most projects can benefit from duct tape and E-6000 glue in some way 🙂  The shade was basically ready.


Finishing the Snowman Lamp

The lamp was now dry and looked like a pretty good start on a snowman. By this point I was starting to think…Dang, I’m good ! LOL

I was excited to share it with Michelle but held off until the big reveal at the end.

12249687_10207930768087881_7695099518379192334_nI used some regular acrylic craft paint that I had on hand and mixed up several shades of white and brown in a paper plate. I painted the entire snowman white and then used the brown to wipe on in the cracks and then immediately wiped the brown back off using a damp wash cloth. That left the snowman looking dirty. Perfect !

Using the E-6000 glue I added three buttons and using the end of my little paint brush I tipped in two black spots for his eyes. I cut a strip of red check fabric and tied around his little neck to give him a scarf and using the recipe for salt dough ornaments I rolled him a little carrot shaped nose.

I will be doing a post on the salt dough ornaments. Those turned out so good. I make them pretty much every year. They last forever and every year I make something new to add to my tree decorations. The nose could be made from any number of things but I wanted it to look like a little carrot so salt dough was the thing I had on hand. You could make it with polymer clay as well.  HERE is the recipe for the salt dough I used to make his nose.

Once his nose had baked in the over and then rested a while, I painted it orange and again rubbed it with brown and then wiped it off to give it a dirty look so it wouldn’t look “new”.

The Finished Snowman

He turned out so amazingly cute. Don’t you think ? He cost about $9.00 to make and was completed in only a few hours. The original lamp Michelle found online was $70.00 the cheapest I could find it online. The drying time for the drywall mud was the longest part of the project. Once he was completely done I slipped the shade and the scarf off and covered him in a spray clear sealer. I did several layers of this to protect him from damage. I packed him away carefully at the end of the year and when I got him out this morning he was in the exact same shape. I was worried that the drywall mud would not hold up over the year but it was exactly as I had left him when I got him out this morning. 12226951_10208003165057760_6897739690382377249_n

I am considering doing a couple this year for Mikey’s room in the shape of a Pikachu. I think I could use the exact same base and build up the shape for his little body easily. Pokemon is all the rage right now and I think he would love it if his lamps were Pokemon. I will update a post on making those in a few days.


Michelle Loved Her Gift 

Certainly my favorite part of the whole project was when I texted back my new sister-in-law and said, Hey I made this for you. She was completely impressed and loved him. I hope she looks at him every year and smiles. I personally think snowmen are a January decoration. I will put him out for Christmas but I like to decorate with snowmen for winter more than Christmas.



Wanna give this project a try ?

If you give this project a try, please post a photo below so I can see what you come up with. I love him and think he is really a project that anyone can do.

Do you think he turned out good ? Would love to hear your comments below on ideas for what else you think I could make using this same technique….Be sure to pin the images above and tag WhatWendySaid to share this post on Pinterest !!!




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