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A few years ago, chalkboards became HUGE in decorating trends. I keep hoping that they remain cool because I love them.


Chalkboard paint is a bit pricey for a larger project so I wanted to give you the perfect recipe for making your own chalkboard paint for the larger projects.

For smaller projects like the signs shown here and the bottles shown below or other things around the house a can of ready-made chalkboard paint  will last you forever.


I made my first batch of homemade chalkboard paint about a year ago when we first bought this little house. I had a spot beside the front door that I wanted to decorate with an old frame that I got at a yard sale that was 1.00. I wanted it to have a chalkboard on it so that I could change what it says all the time for the different months and holidays over the year. (I confess that I only changed it once, but I love it still so maybe I will update it this month finally) As a side note, if you want chalk paints to paint furniture you can use the same recipe as below to make this in any color. It works great on painting furniture !


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I added a link below for where you can order a can of ready-made chalkboard paint from Amazon. If you decide to buy some please click this link to support future posts !!!


chalkboard paint

 Order your chalkboard paint from by clicking here !

You can Make your own

Homemade Chalkboard Paint with this recipe


  • 1 Cup latex paint 

  • 2 tbsp unsanded grout

That is all you need ! Unsanded grout comes in a little bag or box in the lumber store or sometimes you can find it in Walmart. I added a link to it here on Amazon. If you get one box you can use from it for a very long time making small batches of the chalkboard paint as you need them for projects. You just mix the latex paint in a container with the unsanded grout and it will thicken it up just a bit and you are ready to paint, dip or drizzle onto your chalkboard projects. Be sure that after you paint your project and let it completely dry, you take a piece of chalk and rub all over the paint and then erase it. This kinda seasons the board and gives it a vintage look instead of looking and feeling so new. You can use any latex paint for this project. 




You can go click on my Pinterest Gallery and get lots of ideas for different ways to paint your chalkboard welcome sign. I had one just about picked out for every occasion saved there.
A lot of people are using chalkboard for place setting markers on their holiday tables, for the front of canisters and jars in the kitchen, for chore charts and more ! Go wild with it and have some fun. You can even get the kids into this one because who doesn’t like writing on a chalkboard ?






Some more fun ways to add chalkboard to your decorating



I am not much for drawing so I cheated a bit on how to get my chalkboard drawing perfect ! If you 2015-09-23 15-42-22 -0400.jpguse tracing paper and print it out and then trace it onto the larger surface using graphite paper you get it exactly drawn as you need it to be before you trace over it with chalk. But I happen to own a craft projector in my craft room so I sat up my print out of what was going to be on my board and then printed it for an overhead projector. Then I just lay it on the projector and throw the image up onto the wall or board that I am working on and trace it out.

If you are talented enough to free hand it then by all means feel free to save the extra step. But I knew it was out of my skill level so I was looking for a way to make it look perfect in spite of my lack of drawing skills. I think it turned out awesome and with the use of a projector, anyone could do it.



Visit my Pinterest Board for lots of designs and Info on Chalkboard Painting

whatwendysaid pin board


chalkboard paint

 Order your chalkboard paint from by clicking here !




Free Download

Here is a link to the blown up version of the Pumpkin Pie Chalkboard design that you can print if you want the design to give a try for your fall decorating. It would work nice on the kitchen wall or door as well.


chalkboardIn my research for how to do this I ran across this girl who does such an amazing job on all her lettering and projects that I just had to mention her. Take a look at her site for some really cool ideas as well 🙂

I tried to do it like she does with the large graph paper but got frustrated and went to the overhead projector asap. She has great talent. Her site is Tammy



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Leave a comment for your ideas below:

Have you ever used chalkboard paint ?

Please share any cool ideas you have for ways to add it to your home by leaving me a comment below…






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